I am an applied economist focusing on Labor Economics and the Economics of Migration. 

My current research projects focus on the causes and consequences of skills shortages. I investigate the effect of firms' hiring difficulties on productivity and innovation. I also study the human resources strategies implemented by firms to cope with their recruitment challenges. 

Another stream of my research documents the effects of cultural and linguistic differences on (1) the labor market integration of immigrant workers, (2) students' test scores. 

Working papers

Looking for the `Best and Brightest': Hiring difficulties and high-skilled foreign workers

DEM Discussion Paper 02-2021


Cultural differences and immigrants' wages

DEM Discussion Paper 01-2021

Reject & Resubmit at Labour Economics


Scrambled questions penalty in multiple choice tests: New evidence from French undergraduate students

Economics Bulletin (2017) with M.Sangnier & T. van Ypersele

Work in progress

Ghostbusters, with B. Decreuse & M. Sangnier

Mother tongue and test scores, with P. Choudhury, T. Khanna & M. Teodorescu 

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